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WhatsApp ”Delete for Everyone’ highlight was revealed a couple of days back. It gives clients a chance to erase or review sent messages within seven minutes of sending them. Presently Spanish Android blog Android Jefe has found a path around this component, and cases that erased messages on the gadget can, in any case, be gotten to by the beneficiary.

WhatsApp’s most prominent highlights as of late are the message review or ”Delete for Everyone’ choice that enables you to review a specific message which has been unintentionally sent. As of late, we found that there is no time point of confinement to reviewing a sent message. Presently, it has been discovered that the ”Delete for everybody’ highlight can be effortlessly outperformed. Here are the means by which you can, in any case, see an erased message without establishing the gadget, or altering the application.

As per the report, clients running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher form can essentially download an outsider application called Notification History to peruse erased messages. Note that it works for erased instant messages, and not photographs, recordings or some other media. In the wake of downloading the Notification History application from Google Play Store, clients ought to have the capacity to see a message that has been erased in the Android Notification log.


As of late, we have seen the texting application, WhatsApp, propelled another component which passes by the name “‘Delete For Everyone”. All things considered, the component was revealed a couple of days back.

The most recent component “‘Delete For Everyone” let clients erase or review sent messages within seven minutes of sending them. Be that as it may, as indicated by a Spanish blog, Android Jefe has found another approach to dispose of this new component.

The blog demonstrates that the erased messages on the gadget can at present be gotten to by the beneficiary if the client running Android Nougat or higher rendition. Clients simply need to download an outsider application which is known as Notification History to peruse all the erased messages.


“What we found is that the messages are put away in the warning register of the Android framework. Thus, it’s simply a question of entering that record to see the messages that the other individual erased. The Notification History application is an alternate way to that record,” the post peruses.

The procedure is considerably simpler for individuals utilizing outsider launchers like Nova Launcher. In this situation, there’s no compelling reason to download an outside application to get to erased messages. Simply long press the home screen, and after that snap of Widgets. Next, tap on Activities and after that Notifications log to see warning log of the framework. For individuals running stock form of stock Android, a Settings gadget will give them access to warning log.


Keep in mind, there are sure confinements to review erased messages. Aside from the way that lone instant message can be seen, the blog entry clears up that simply the initial 100 characters of a message will be unmistakable to clients. Likewise, messages for which a client has gotten warning can be seen. Further, the messages are clearly put away for a couple of hours on the gadget and are erased if clients restart their gadget. At long last, doesn’t seem as though it works for gadgets running Android variants more established than Android 7.0 Nougat.

So in the event that you trusted that instant message that you reviewed after unintentionally sending it to the beneficiary can’t be seen, at that point reconsider. Be that as it may, you’re protected on the off chance that you unintentionally sent a photograph or video to somebody and erased it a while later. WhatsApp ”Delete for Everyone’ was one of the exceptionally expected highlights, essentially in light of the fact that it allows clients to redress their misstep. It was made accessible all around not long ago.



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