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Panama papers leak

The Pandora’s Box has opened and what comes is not something to cheer about. Yes! We are talking about the latest Panama papers leak, the most sensational leak of documents that have stunned the world. The Panama papers leak shows the way the powerful and the rich people of the world hide their wealth.


What are the Panama Papers?

Before moving on to the details of the Panama papers leak, it is essential to understand that what these papers are. The Panama papers are documents that were in possession of the law firm Mossack Fonseca, which is based in Panama. The firm offers legal advice, services and research for various jurisdictions that include Panama, Cyprus, Belize, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica and several others that are mainly considered as tax havens.

The leak of which there has been so much hype since the past two days amount to a staggering 11.5 million confidential documents that have legal as well as financial information.  The papers date back nearly four decades when the firm Mossack Fonseca was established. It contains the financial information about personalities from all over the world that have laundered their money somehow and evaded tax in their countries.


Who are involved?

Now the important question as to who all have been named in these Panama papers leak arises. It seems that over the period of forty years, some very well known names from the political, sports, entertainment and other arenas have formed shell companies through Mossack Fonseca and laundered money. The Panama paper leak has shown links to a dozen heads of state and government. The names also include some 60 associates and relatives of the heads of state, politicians, sports personalities and some from the film fraternity.

The names include associates of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, brother-in-law of Xi Jinping, President of China, Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina, David Cameron’s late father, Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, three of the four children of Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, Iceland’s Prime Minister to name a few.

What is wrong in these cases?

Since tax havens have existed from a long time, why there is such a hullabaloo over the Panama papers is the question that is being raised by money. It is true that tax havens have always existed and that there are legitimate ways of keeping money in these tax havens. However, the problem here is that the firm hid information about the owners of the money, the source of origin of this money and that the owners avoided paying taxes on this money in their countries.

The shell companies through which the money has been laundered are the real culprits. There is no real business going on in these companies except for the money changing hands and this is what is wrong here.

Who leaked the Panama Papers?

The German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung was first approached by an unknown source regarding the handing over of these documents. The newspaper shared the information and the papers with International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The duo along with several journalists from around the world analyzed the documents over a year and then made them public.


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Special training programs designed to strengthen the privacy

 Snapchat posted a blog article about what happened and how the data was stolen from the company. In the post they highlighted the incident was isolated and there are no other breaches in the system, which may worry employees and users. They also added no user suffered from the incident.

Snapchat stated they contacted the FBI and offered the affected employees, both current and past, Identify theft insurance for two years, to compensate for the damages.

The company stated they’ve reinforced their “rigorous” safety and security training programs, to prevent similar incident from happening again.

The hacker had not been identified

 The hacker or group of hackers who conducted the attack on Snapchat was/were not yet identified. The attack used a method called “spear phishing”, which targets specific persons. This type of attack is aimed towards a specific person, instead of random users and it’s more dangerous than other types of attacks.

Snapchat is not the first time involved in a leaking scandal

 Despite their already “rigorous” training, Snapchat suffered hacker’s attacks in the past: in October 2014, the company was involved in the scandal of naked celebrity photos leak. More than 98K of private photos and videos were made public.

Snapchat didn’t said what type of employee information was leaked, but given the fact it was payroll information, the name, financial information, salary, address and email are definitely among the data made public.

However, Snapchat can breathe easy – there were cases when the companies had a lot more to lose from such attacks. For example, Ubiquiti Networks sent a $46.7 million payment after receiving an email from someone impersonating their CEO.

This attack shows that not even millennials are safe from hackers; until couple of years ago, it was believed only old persons, who are unfamiliar with the computer can be hacked. The reality had proven that even high tech millennials, who are familiar with phishing techniques, can be fooled.

Snapchat works on the principle of deleting sensitive content, at least this is how it was at first. Users can exchange messages, text and video content, then the content is automatically deleted, to keep the data safe. But last year, Snapchat changed its policy and announced they will be saving images, which stirred a lot of anger among users.

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Facebook at Work announced Telenor, the Norwegian carrier, will join its list of collaborators. As Telenor joins the companies which will use Facebook at Work, the new product will enrich its market with 36K of employees. To this date, Telenor is the largest company to be announced to work with Facebook at Work.

Telenor and Facebook are joining their power

 Telenor’s CEO, Sigve Brekke, said their company was among the first to trial Facebook at Work, in the attempt to change internal communications. Brekke also said they picked Facebook at Work in front of other internal communication apps due to its familiarity: all the employees already know how to use it, both on mobile and on desktop. For the social media giant, this is a valuable opportunity: the company had been trying to expand its mobile reach lately and Telenor might be just the partner they were waiting for. Telenor owns carriers in many Asian developing countries and had been an early collaborator of Facebook on several projects.

Telenor is a powerful ally for Facebook, which is working on developing a strong sales department. The carrier already has one, along with a customer base and the know how, which is highly beneficial for Facebook, who would be able to expand their business on the sales field.

Asia is the most promising market for Facebook at Work

 Most companies which rushed to try Facebook at Work are located in Asia, where the social media giant is already very popular, especially among mobile users. Moreover, Facebook at Work’s rival, Slack has a low presence in Asia. Facebook at Work aims to reach both the desk workers and mobile workers.

However, there are couple of concerns with Asian market: Facebook had had some issues regarding its content and was banned by the government for inappropriate content. Telenor, on the other hand, was asked in the past to block the access to social media.

Facebook at Work will have to comply with the same rules and regulations, so if Telenor will be asked to shut down the app, they will most certainly comply. The bright side of this is these cases were rare and carriers always have a backup option when it comes to internal communication – Telenor is no exception. If Facebook at Work will be banned, they will definitely turn to a second solution.

 New features for Facebook, on and off work

 Until now Facebook at Work was offered free for businesses, but this will soon change after the beta release, which is scheduled later in 2016. Applying charges for Facebook at Work will allow the company to add more services and features to the product.

It’s not clear how the product will be charged, but most likely, users will be charged for integration with apps. Facebook is already discussing with Quip, Dropbox and Box, so we might see multiple integration options for Facebook at Work really soon.



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Apple filed a motion to cancel the district order which asks them company to create a software which can break the security of their phone in the San Bernadino case. The motion states the case is not only about Farook’s phone, but about the Department of Justice and FBI seeking a way to break security and force companies like Apple to create a backdoor for them on their devices. This is Apple’s first official response since the case started.

How it all started

The case started with a terrorist attack; Syed Farook and his wife killed 14 people, injuring 22 more in the bloodiest terrorist attack since 9/11, as it was called. Before the attack, the two had destroyed their personal phones, but Farook’s work phone, an iPhone 5C with iOS 9, was not destroyed. On 16th of February a federal judge ordered Apple to assist FBI in cracking the phone, creating a software which would allow the government to disable all the protections on the phone and access the content freely.

Millions of people’s privacy is at risk

Why did the case became so notorious? Apple refused to create the software FBI asked for, believing this would jeopardise privacy and security of millions of iPhone users around the globe. Now Apple is asking for the case to be taken to the Congress, as they say government is asking for a power which was withheld from them by the American nation. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, states that FBI forced the case into the courts, which are not able to deal with such a major case, so they want the Congress to settle the case. Moreover, in the past, the Congress refused to pass similar acts and orders, refusing to grant the government the power they are seeking.

The future of people’s privacy and safety is at stake

The stakes are high in the Apple vs. FBI case, as the decision will affect millions of iPhone users across the world. On the other hand. FBI and the government states they are asking this software to prevent and fight terrorism, which is a global plague. Despite the public seems to part with FBI, Tom Cook insists the creation of such a software would put a heavy burden upon IT companies and would violate Apple’s First and Fifth Amendments regarding the user’s right to privacy.

Moreover, this would create a precedent and will tempt FBI and other authorities to abuse their newly-found power over and over again. What about other governments? Russia, China, even North Korea or Iran? What will happen when they will use this software to break the people’s phones and access their information?
Cook sees the company as being in an incredibly ironic and uncomfortable position, as they feel they are fighting the government on a matter they ought to protect: civil liberties. He is willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court and the President, in order to settle this case, considered to be of maximum importance for Apple, as well as the IT world.

Apple is no alone in this match

Apple is not alone in this battle; other large companies plan to back Apple. Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Twitter are only the most notorious companies on the market which spoke about this case and made their intentions to support Apple clear. Behind them, there are many more companies which are filing their complains and opinions.

Regardless what will be the final decision in this case, it will affect the way we see our online and mobile privacy, as well as how we use our devices. Most important, it will reshape digital privacy laws and policies. But for now, we have to wait and see where it all goes from this point.

WhatsApp voice calling feature for all Android users: Here’s steps to activate it

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

WhatsApp has finally integrated voice calling feature into the world’s most used instant messaging app. The WhatsApp voice call feature finally appears to be accessible to anyone with the very latest version of the WhatsApp app. Here’s a way to get WhatsApp voice calls on your phone.

How to activate WhatsApp voice calls

Update: To activate voice calls on WhatsApp finally looks to be here for all times. To get it, you would need to update your WhatsApp app to v2.11.561 via APKMirror – even the official WhatsApp web site still solely has v2.11.560 (and that version didn’t activate WhatsApp voice calling feature for US, whereas v2.11.561 has worked initial don many devices).

You’ll require to enable Unknown Sources in your Security settings initially and receive a whatsapp call from somebody from your contacts that already has the WhatsApp voice call feature enabled. You might then see 3 tabs at top of your WhatsApp interface: calls, chats and contacts.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

The callings tab will show you latest call log and in any chat with a WhatsApp contact you will find that the dialer icon at top. Now make calls direct via WhatsApp and not the regular dialer. We’ve tested the most recent version with many phones and that they all worked initial level, thus it’s just like the wait is finally over and WhatsApp voice calls is here for everybody. Still, there isn’t any requirement to watch for the correct version to hit the Play Store is there?

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Most awaited feature for most popular app is available now. Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp on Web.

WhatsApp Web

Most awaited feature for most popular app is available now. Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp on PC.
In the recent update of WhatsApp, They have provided facility to send/receive messages on PC as well.

WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp users need to update their application. And they will get WhatsApp Web option in the main menu as shown below:

WhatsApp Web

User needs to open in the browser. They will be asked for QR code scanning as below:

WhatsApp Web

Clicking on WhatsApp Web in mobile they will be asked to scan the QR Code shown in their computer and their computer will be synced with their mobile.

Most important thing about the feature is, you can send/receive photos as well. Users can send audio as well using their computer’s mic. Users with extensive use of computer dont need to switch to smartphone again and again to check the messages. Now they can interact with whatsapp friends without switching to mobile phones.

WhatsApp on PC only available to registered users. New users can not sign up on PC for WhatsApp.

Instant Buy Micromax Yu Yureka

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Charlie Hebdo Paris Attack Live: UK steps up security after Paris attack

Security has been increased at UK ports, border controls and a major railway station following the attack at the Paris office of magazine Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 people dead.

Armed and masked anti-terrorism police swooped on woodland villages northeast of Paris on Thursday in a manhunt for two brothers suspected of being the Islamist gunmen who killed 12 people at a French satirical weekly.

A day after the Paris attack, officers carried out house-to-house searches in the village of Corcy, a few km (miles) from a service station where police sources said the brothers were sighted in ski masks. Helicopters flew overhead.

The fugitive suspects are French-born sons of Algerian-born parents, both in their early 30s, and already under police surveillance. One was jailed for 18 months for trying to travel to Iraq a decade ago to fight as part of an Islamist cell. Police said they were “armed and dangerous”.

United States and European sources close to the investigation said on Thursday that one of the brothers, Said Kouachi, was in Yemen in 2011 for a number of months training with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), one of the group’s most active affiliates.

The UK terror threat level remains unchanged at “severe”, meaning a terrorist attack is “highly likely”.

Charlie Hebdo Paris Attack

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said an additional UK police officer had also been sent to join the UK’s existing counter-terror team in Paris.

There was no evidence the Paris terrorists had any ties to the UK, our correspondent added.

It comes after Mr Cameron offered France “any assistance our intelligence agencies can give” after the shootings, which killed eight journalists, two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor to the Charlie Hebdo office.

Dr Shuja Shafi, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, also condemned the attack – believed to be in response to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

“Nothing is more immoral, offensive and insulting against our beloved Prophet than such a callous act of murder,” he said.

A group of 15 UK imams released a statement saying “cold-blooded murder such as this is the antithesis of Islam and its tenets”.

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: Everything That You Want And More

the news chef Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-Review-Everything-That-You-Want-And-More

When Xiaomi entered India, no one really expected the brand to make a name for itself in just 5 months (for good and worse). After doing pretty well with its flagship Mi3 smartphone, they switched focus towards the affordable mobile space in India, which is a real crowd puller. So when the Redmi1S was announced, and much to our surprise, priced lower than the printed price at Rs 5,999, heads were shaken and a big question was asked: have they managed to pack just about everything at this price? The answer follows.

What is it?
You’ve asked for a lot of features at an affordable price point and Xiaomi delivers that to you, yet again in the form of Redmi 1S. It’s got the display, the power and the camera that you’ll pick up any day for this price.

Who is it for?
That’s the best thing about Rs 5,999. Anyone can use it, even the first timers with smartphone might be tempted to try out their luck with the Redmi1S. No EMIs, just pure luck is all you need to get this phone.

Now, let me get this straight. If you want a drop-dead gorgeous phone for this price, then Redmi 1S is not for you. It’s not the lightest and definitely not the thinnest around but still, there’s more to a phone than just ridiculing for how it looks. Redmi1S is crammed on a regular-shaped 4.7-inch body with a not-so-glossy-and-ugly plastic body that doesn’t look cheap even a bit.

You’ll find the Mi branding at the bottom and the rest has been left as-is so that you can complement the phone’s simplicity. One thing we did not like about the Redmi 1S was its physical buttons missing out on the back-lit aspect. If you’re in the dark, good luck finding your way through the Back, Home and Settings option, positioned right below the display.

For a sub $100 phone to get the HD i.e. 1280x720p resolution is a mean feat, but giving out Asahi Dragontrail glass protection too, is just ridiculous. The display, thanks to all the protection is highly durable to all kind of scratches, even when inside your pocket and this coming from someone, who has a lot of stuff always, makes for a viable case with regards to durability. It’s bright, crisp and good for gaming, reading content on the web and even movies. Outdoor visibility might not be the best and the reflective nature of the display can be irritating at times but all in all, there’s not much to complain about the HD quality on offer. The closest you’ll get to HD in this range, is a 960x540p on the Moto E.

If you thought display was the end then you’ll be surprised with the power that Redmi 1S holds under its hood. It packs a 1.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon chipset with 1 GB RAM and offering 8 GB internal storage, expandable up to 32GB. It’s got the power to run multiple apps, web browser, listen to music and manage to play games as well. Movie watching isn’t a bad experience either, but not sure if you would watch one on a phone of this size. However, it’s not all rosy with the Redmi 1S. Constant heating can be bothersome to many and end up being a deal breaker, when you compare the phone with Moto E and Zenfone 4. The chipset seems to have been under-clocked to give the phone a balanced experience and that’s impacted the core performance. You can play games like Asphalt 8 and FIFA on the phone, but not without its share of issues.

Software/ Interface
Xiaomi Redmi 1S just like the Mi3 is powered by MIUI 5 running over Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version. There’s a lot to like about the interface. Firstly, it’s nothing like the custom Android versions we have seen on devices from the likes of Samsung, Sony and HTC among others.

MIUI has a clean, elegant look about it and everything has a reason for its availability. Add to that, you’ll find the Lite Mode on Redm1S, which is a perfect option for elderly users in your household. MIUI has its own set of drawbacks but none so major.

It’s hard to find a decent snapper on a phone that costs less than $100 and Xiaomi did just that. Redmi 1S comes fitted with an 8MP rear snapper with a capable LED flash. On the front side of phone there’s a 1.6MP camera, basic but quite good in the range. The rear camera offers decent clarity and image detail in daylight not in low light; but the image quality is better than any other phone in this segment.

We tried out the video option as well and the results were quite satisfactory, albeit a lot of heating on the sidelines became a common pain point.

This is probably where Xiaomi should have done a bit more research and development. The Redmi 1S is powerful, but the phone’s not capable of lasting through that power, over the course of day. During our basic video playback tests, the phone managed to last us for over 5 hours. While using the Redmi 1S as primary phone, we managed to get the battery juiced up for around 13 hours in a day. Compare that with Moto E and Zenfone 4, the Redmi 1S has scope for improvement on the battery front.

The good
Refreshing Android interface

Tragic flaw
Painstake heating
Battery life

Should you buy it?
Oh yes. That’s a no brainer. Redmi 1S is your’s if you dearly want it and we don’t see why one wouldn’t want to own it. Sturdy body, bright display, good cameras and a new name to call for. But if you’re sure about the China-aspect about Xiaomi and buying phones online (flash sales buying), then Moto E is the next best option.

Display: 4.7 inch; 1280x720p
OS: MIUI 5 over Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
CPU: 1.6 GHz quad-core Snapdragon
Storage: 8 GB, expandable up to 32 GB
Cameras: 8MP (rear), 1.6MP (front)
Battery: 2000 mAh

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OnePlus is hooking you up with 7 days of holiday giveaways

The News Chef - One Plus One

The folks at OnePlus want to celebrate the days between Christmas and the beginning of 2015 by bringing you a contest with 7 days of giveaways. Each day from Friday the 26th through the end of the year, OnePlus will be giving away a new item. Vinyl skins and even a brand new One are on the list.

This is a contest, so you’ll want to put on your ‘oh no, not this again’ face. Luckily, it looks like OnePlusand their partners are keeping it pretty tame so far, asking for social media shares, fill out a form and to keep your fingers crossed.

Best of all, the contest is open to all countries.

OnePlus 7 day giveaway day 2

Day one was a code for a free copy of FlowHome Launcher. Day two was for 100 dbrand skins for your OnePlus One, or a brand spanking new Silk White 16GB OnePlus One of your very own.

If you want to get in on the 7 days of giveaways from OnePlus, and to find out what is up next in the contest, head on over to the OnePlus forums. They post all the particulars for each daily contest on the day, so you’ll need to check back frequently.

What do you say, are you up for another round of OnePlus contests?

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Latest Facebook News - From January 2015, Facebook to ensure brands pay for posts

“Typically, smaller ecommerce players and startups were depending heavily on organic and unpaid posts and this move will affect them,” says Rajesh Bhatia, senior vice-president, digital strategy for Cheil India, a social media agency that manages the presence of companies such as Samsung and Dettol.

This change will push brands to create much more engaging content rather than marketing on social media. It may not change their budgets or ad spends for Facebook but increase the amount of time employed in production and creation to create viral content. JW Marriott in Mumbai will advertise on Facebook but it can’t ignore its 60,000 followers on the site.

“We create content around quizzes to engage fans but now that promoted posts will become the only way to reach out, we will have no choice but to embrace the change and re-strategise the way we push content,” says Pracheta Morarji, marketing communications manager at the hotel. There are still some questions over the policy change.

“Companies have spent lakhs acquiring fans organically. Ads on social media are not as absorbent as traditional media and by blocking naturally pushed posts, it is questioning fundamentals of social media by prohibiting brands from connecting with people,” says Anusha Shetty, CEO of social agency Autumn Worldwide.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella meets PM Narendra Modi

NEW DELHI: World’s biggest software maker Microsoft’s chief executive officer Satya Nadella met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday in the national capital. He is the third major tech executive to meet PM Modi, after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Nadella said the company is looking forward to partner with the Digital India and Make in India programmes of the government.

“It’s always fantastic for me personally to be in India and the conversation I had with the minister was wide ranging,” Nadella said here after meeting Ravi Shankar Prasad, the union minister for communications and IT.

“I have an aspiration that in this mobile and cloud world, we can empower every individual citizen of India and every business organisation and institution in India to be able to try with new technology. So, I am looking forward to be a part of both the Digital India and Make in India,” he added.

Hyderabad-born Nadella also said, “We are making huge investments in our data centres in particular, which we think can empower organizations in this country to be world class with the access to great technology.”

“I have requested him to consider electronic manufacturing in India. I have also requested that Microsoft has a great profile in the field of social services, (and) digital literacy can be promoted. We had a very purposeful exchange. I am very happy and I warmly welcome him,” Prasad told reporters after the meeting.

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LinkedIn Revealed 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired In 2014

Believe it or not, 2014 is almost over and 2015 is right around the corner. With a new year comes new opportunities, and around this time we at LinkedIn are typically asked the following question: “Who’s getting hired and what are they doing?”
To get to an answer, we analyzed the skills and experience data in over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles. If your skills fit one of the categories below, there’s a good chance you either started a new job or garnered the interest of a recruiter in the past year.
Sectors like infrastructure, power, energy, manufacturing, IT, ITES, retail, e-commerce, and banking are likely to see high demand.
25 Hottest Skills in India on LinkedIn are:
1.Statistical analysis and data mining
2.Storage systems and management
3.Cloud and distributed computing
4.PR and communications
5.Network and information security
6.Social media marketing
7.Algorithm design
9.Web architecture and development framework
10.Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
11.User interface design
12.Data presentation
14.Mobile Development
16.Public policy and international relations
17.Digital and online marketing
18.Business intelligence
19.Data engineering and data warehousing
20.Game development
21.Middleware and integration software
22.Market research and insights
23.Shell scripting languages
24.SEO/SEM Marketing
25.Electronic and electrical engineering
We took at look at the top skills in several countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.A few skills trends stood out to us when we reviewed the results and same are mentioned below:
– Investing in STEM. 
In the ten countries we looked at, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills made up the majority of our top 25 list. While most of these could be labeled as “tech” skills, more traditional STEM skills like mechanical, electrical, and materials engineering made our list in many countries.
– Data. Data everywhere. 
We live in an increasingly data driven world, and businesses are aggressively hiring experts in data storage, retrieval, and analysis. Across the globe, statistics and data analysis skills were highly valued. In the US, India, and France, cloud and distributed computing skills were in particularly high demand.
– It pays to know a second language. 
Internationalization and localization services are valued by companies that operate globally. As such, language translation skills were among the top 25 hottest skills in many countries. But nowhere did they rank higher than in the United States, where in 2010, according to US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, only 18% of Americans claim to speak a language other than English.
– Rise of the technical marketer. 
In 2012, Gartner analyst Laura McLellan predicted that by 2017 CMO’s would be spending more on technology than their CIO colleagues. With digital, online, and SEO (search engine optimization) marketing skills in our global top 25 this year, there’s strong evidence that this prediction may be coming true.

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Hackers allegedly behind Xbox and PlayStation network shutdown set sights on Tor

The group that allegedly took down Microsoft and Sony’s gaming networks now says it’s set its sights on a new target. Lizard Squad, which took credit for denial of service attacks that kept Xbox Live and PlayStation Network offline over Christmas, tweeted earlier today that it was going after the Tor encryption service.

Earlier today, Tor’s service was flooded with new relays — the routers that users’ data is passed between in order to make it untraceable — with the name LizardNSA. “Hi, do you guys still give away shirts for relay owners? We need about 3000,” Lizard Squad bragged on Twitter. A member of Reddit’s Technology board noted the influx, and security researcher Nadim Kobeissi posted a similar shot.

Kobeissi, who developed the chat client Cryptocat, pointed to metrics that showed “LizardNSA” relays made up a significant part of the network. “Currently there’s actually almost 10,000 relays, about 3,000 to 6,000 of those seem to be Lizard Squad’s,” he said over email. Theoretically, a group that controls enough of these nodes could track the traffic over them, compromising users’ anonymity. The tactic of creating malicious relays isn’t a new one; earlier this year, Tor reported that an unknown attacker had potentially captured some user data by setting up about 100 of them.

In a conversation on Twitter, Kobeissi and security researcher Frederic Jacobs expressed some concern, but the implications of all these new nodes aren’t clear yet. “The attack won’t be effective unless Lizard Squad’s relays obtain enough consensus with the rest of the network, which is currently not happening due to the newness of the relays and their low bandwidth allowance,” says Kobeissi. According to an explanation from Tor last year, new relays are initially capped at a very low bandwidth of about 20 KB/s, which means that they get “basically no use” for the first three days.

Lizard Squad, which supposedly halted its gaming network attacks after being offered gift vouchers by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has not elaborated on its intentions for Tor, although its Twitter bio currently reads “I cry when Tor deserves to die.”

The Tor Project, meanwhile, doesn’t seem all that worried. “This looks like a regular attempt at a Sybil attack: the attackers have signed up many new relays in hopes of becoming a large fraction of the network. But even though they are running thousands of new relays, their relays currently make up less than 1 percent of the Tor network by capacity,” a spokesperson said, several hours after the nodes were added. “We are working now to remove these relays from the network before they become a threat, and we don’t expect any anonymity or performance effects based on what we’ve seen so far.”

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Kodak is launching a line of Android smartphones in 2015

Kodak has announced that it’s licensing its name to a range of mobile devices that make it easier to print and share images. The company’s first smartphone will be unveiled at CES in January followed by a “4G handset, a tablet, and a connected camera” arriving in the second half of 2015. The actual hardware will be built by Bullitt Group, an English company that makes a range of ultra-rugged smartphones for construction company Caterpillar and claims to create products “using the unadulterated DNA of the brands we work with.”


“Kodak is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. It is trusted by consumers as a marque of quality and innovation,” said Bullitt Mobile CEO Oliver Schulte in a press release. “We’ve taken that heritage and used it to inspire a range of beautifully designed devices that will let users take great pictures and edit, share, store and print them in an instant.” As Schulte suggests, the emphasis is very much on software solutions rather than quality hardware. Neither Kodak nor Bullitt mention any details about megapixels, sensor size, or the like, and instead both seem intent on selling the devices for their ease of use — even including remote management software that will let “family members and friends … provide help and support.”

Licensing its brand is a strategy in keeping with the radical restructure that helped Kodak exit bankruptcy last September. The company spun off or shut down its various consumer divisions (including its digital photography team) and is instead concentrating on commercial printing. It won’t be the only struggling firm trying to jump on the mobile bandwagon either: back in September, Panasonic unveiled the experimental Lumix CM1 smartphone, equipped with a large sensor and Leica lens. Kodak can get people interested with its name alone, but it’ll have to contribute more than just branding to actually win customers’ respect.

Sony is now offering The Interview online via YouTube, Xbox Video, and Google Play (update)

Update: It’s official — Sony will release The Interview online at 1PM ET today through YouTube, Xbox Video, and others. It’ll be $5.99 to rent and $14.99 to own.

Not only will The Interview be available in select theaters this Christmas, it’ll also be available for everyone online. First reported by CNN’s Brian Stelter and now corroborated by multiple outlets, YouTube has “tentatively agreed” to make it available as a rental. Sony is additionally in talks with other streaming outlets, so it wouldn’t be exclusive (according to Recode, that list includes Google Play store and Sony’s own website).

On Tuesday, the Alamo Drafthouse revealed that Sony Pictures would now allow the film to be played in select theaters. As the day progressed, the number of theaters playingThe Interview grew into the hundreds. Notably, however, no major US theater has joined the list.

Last Friday, President Barack Obama told the world that he thought it was a “mistake” for Sony to cancel the release of The Interview. Later that same day, the movie studio’s CEO, Michael Lynton, defended the company’s decision, saying it had no choice but to cancel the film’s Christmas release date after all major US theater chains refused to screen the film. He also reiterated in a televised interview that “we have always had every desire to have the American public to see this movie.”


The question, until today, was how Sony would get the movie in front of the public’s eyes. In that very same CNN interview on Friday, Lynton said that “there has not been one major VOD distributor [or] one major e-commerce site that has stepped forward and said they’re willing to distribute this movie for us.” He added, “we don’t have that direct interface with the American public so we need to go through an intermediate.” That statement suggested that Lynton had entirely overlooked Sony’s very own Crackle streaming video service, which is home to a number of Sony Pictures films.

The FBI has linked North Korea to the massive cyberattack that’s crippled Sony Pictures since November 24th. The hacking group, which calls themselves the Guardians of Peace, has released massive amounts of internal Sony data and demanded that the company halt the release of The Interview. During Friday’s press conference, Obama said the US “will respond” to the North Korean attack on Sony but didn’t clarify beyond saying it would be “proportional.”

Following threats of physical violence, all major theaters dropped the movie and Sony later canceled the premiere altogether. According to CNN, the hacking group last emailed Sony on Friday, threatening to release more data unless it (somehow) removes all signs that The Interview ever existed. The film’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, along with the clips from Sony Pictures’ YouTube channel, did in fact disappear for a few days. Everything returned on Tuesday, however, when independent theaters started announcing Christmas Day showtimes.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop may be coming to Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Google’s new Android 5.0 Lollipop is one of the biggest visual updates to Android we’ve ever seen. It brings a ton of UI enhancements, updated security and encryption settings, and much, much more. It’s been confirmed by many OEMs that the software update will come to most current devices on the market today, but the devices that are getting to the 2-year-old mark aren’t necessarily guaranteed the update. In fact, it’s quite standard for device manufacturers to either provide updates to their devices for roughly two years or provide at least two major software updates.

With all that said, when the official Finnish Samsung website updated their “device update” table today, it took us by surprise. The table reads that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, a device that was launched in 2012, will receive the update to Android 5.0.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung hasn’t always had the best track record when it comes to software updates, though they seem to be much more aggressive with the update to Lollipop. Either way, when we see a device that is slightly more than two years old scheduled to get a big software update like this, we have to wonder if it’s valid or not. Since this information comes to us from Samsung’s official website, we feel we need to believe it to some extent, but there are a few other factors in the table that warrant concern.

Looking through the update table, we see obvious devices that are in line for Lollipop: Galaxy Note 4,Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Alpha. However, next to the Galaxy S5 (which has already started to see the update), they’ve listed the update as “no information.” With that said, the table obviously isn’t complete quite yet. That means theres always room for error, and the Note 2 Lollipop update could just be a simple mistake on Samsung’s part. We’ll take a look at the table in the coming days to see if any information changes, but for now, Galaxy Note 2 owners, it looks like a Lollipop update could potentially be in your future!

We’re unsure as to when the Note 2 will receive the Lollipop update, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything.

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Quick Comparison between Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G & Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G &. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

About Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G

  • 5.5-inch (1280×720 pixels) IPS display
  • Octa-core 1.7 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM | 8 GB internal memory | 32 GB expandable via microSD card
  • 13 MP primary camera | HDR | LED flash | 5 MP front camera
  • 3G | GPRS | EDGE | Bluetooth v4.0 | GPS | A-GPS | MicroUSB v2.0 | Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
  • Li-ion Polymer 3100 mAh battery
  • MIUI v5 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS

About Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

  • 5.5-inch (1280×720 pixels) IPS display
  • Quad-core 1.6 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM | 8 GB internal memory | 64 GB expandable via microSD card
  • 13 MP primary camera | Autofocus | LED flash | HDR | 5 MP front camera
  • 3G | 4G | GPRS | EDGE | Bluetooth v4.0 | GPS | A-GPS | MicroUSB v2.0 | Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
  • Li-ion Polymer 3100 mAh battery
  • MIUI v5 Android 4.4 KitKat OS

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Note 4 and Note Edge running Android 5.0.1 shown in videos

In a shocking moment of surprise, Samsung managed to push out a Lollipop update to the Galaxy S5 just weeks after the OS build went live. This came as a dramatic shift from the past, wherein the updates were usually met with significant delays. Still, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge owners are no doubt ticked off their ticket to candy land hasn’t arrived yet.

Sammobile has managed to obtain working beta builds of Android 5.0.1 Lollipop running under TouchWiz for these two devices, as well as the Galaxy S5 Cat.6 Broadband model (aka the “Prime”). Take a look below:

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy S5 LTE-A

While the videos basically speak for themselves, SamMobile is reporting that these three devices will not be receiving Android 5.0.0, but instead be updated straight to 5.0.1, a build that consists largely of bug fixes but also add slow/fast motion video recording.

Despise these videos showcasing software that is rather well along the way towards release, it’s still not finished, and thus there’s a burning question on everyone’s mind: when will it drop, and who will get it when? Some reports point to a January release date for the Galaxy Note 4.

On a final note however, Google has just pushed Android 5.0.2 out to the Nexus 7 (2012) Wi-Fi variant. Although not much is currently known about the changes included in this build, the utter fact that there is a newer version of the new OS means that the OS seen in these videos may already be out of date (assuming the 5.0.2 patch isn’t exclusive to the Nexus 7.)

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Leading is all about motivating your team members in perfect direction to complete the vision.

In business a leader play very important role. Many factors relate to the business depend on a single leader. Members of your business team working on the direction guided by a leader, they had faith and trust on a leader and that is why it’s very important for a leader to guide them well so that they can follow you.

Important factors are as below:

1. Knowing and doing both are very different

A leader knows that he has to lead but it’s very tough and challenging to lead actually. He or she needs to be very clear the way of leading a team to complete the vision of the firm.

2. Important to make relations while leading 

To become a successful and effective leader, make strong relations with your team members inside the office and outside as well. Understand the strengths of each member and bridge the working relations accordingly.

3. Leading people is not an easy task

As a leader you need to answer many thoughts of many people and therefore you need to understand the actions of your team members internally and externally.

4. Try to make successful changes for organization

Most of the leaders are trying to change some little things in the office, less than 20 percent of leaders are found to be successful in experiments.

5. Leading requires skills

Leading is all about motivating your team members in perfect direction to complete the vision. Learn something from day to day activities and improve errors you faced during leading, in the end you will get your employees working in right manner.



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