Puppy Lover Putin Gets Top Breed Pup as Gift from Turkmen Leader

Puppy Lover Putin Gets Top Breed Pup as Gift from Turkmen Leader

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, a canine sweetheart, got a best breed puppy as an overdue birthday present on Wednesday from Turkmenistan’s leader who is quick to recoup lost Russian markets for Turkmen gas.

“We have a typical companion – this is the world’s extraordinary alabai canine. Furthermore, today I carried this little alabai with me,” President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov said before chats with Putin, hauling the pup out from a versatile enclosure and holding it up by the scruff of its neck.

The alabai is a home-reared Turkmen assortment of the Central Asian shepherd canine. Alongside the high quality rugs and the antiquated Akhal Teke type of race steeds, it is authoritatively recorded as a feature of Turkmenistan’s national legacy.

Rich and cuddly when they are youthful, alabai mutts develop into furious shepherd puppies, courageous in warding off wolves yet additionally in managing human outsiders.

Berdymukhamedov, a showy previous dental specialist whose interests go from wear autos to honorable steeds, appreciates an identity religion and dictatorial powers in his forsake country which sits on the world’s fourth-biggest gaseous petrol holds.

The two men held talks at the Black Sea resort of Sochi, on the sidelines of a summit of ex-Soviet states, with the Turkmen side quick to see a conceivable resumption of gaseous petrol fares to Russia.

Russia, once the fundamental purchaser of Turkmen gas, quit purchasing the fuel a year ago because of a value question. China, with its developing craving for vitality, is presently the primary market for Turkmen gas.

Some other outside pioneers including those of Japan and Bulgaria have additionally given Putin puppies of uncommon breeds as blessings.

TV scope demonstrated a charmed Putin, who commended his 65th birthday celebration on October 7, holding and kissing the pooch, named Verny, or “Dependable” in Russian, amid a meeting in Sochi, Russia.

The alabai, a best Turkmen-reared assortment of the Central Asian shepherd canine, joins the Kremlin’s developing pet hotel.

Outside pioneers from Japan and Bulgaria have likewise skilled Putin puppies, yet the President’s most adored canine was a dark Labrador named Koni, a present from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“To the extent awful states of mind go,” Putin said once, “obviously I have them like some other individual, however in those cases I attempt to counsel with my puppy Koni – she gives me a word of wisdom.”

Koni was celebrated for startling German Chancellor Angela Merkel amid a meeting in 2007. Photographs of the meeting demonstrated Merkel, who was once assaulted by a pooch, looking uncertain as Koni drew closer.

Putin told a magazine numerous years after the fact: “When I discovered that she doesn’t care for puppies, obviously I apologized.” Some of the German press corps thought it had been a consider ploy to scare Merkel.

Germany’s Angela Merkel watches uneasily as Putin’s dog Koni approaches in 2007.

A year ago, Putin presented another of his canines, a substantial Akita called Yume, to Japanese columnists at the Kremlin. They grinned carefully as Yume’s yelping resonated around the lobby, before Putin quieted her with a few treats.

“You were on the whole correct to take alert,” Putin said reassuringly to the writers. “Yume is a simple pooch.”

Yume, which implies Dream, had been a blessing from Japan in a debt of gratitude is in order for Russian help after the 2011 seismic tremor.

In 2013, Putin was captured coming in the snow with Yume and a Karakachin pooch called Buffy that he was given by the Bulgarian President.

Putin plays with his dog Yume before an interview with Japanese media.

Karakachins are huge Bulgarian sheep pooches that resemble Saint Bernards.

The Russian pioneer’s pooches are generally enormous, mirroring his intense person picture. Previous US President George W. Hedge reviews Putin criticizing the Bushes’ puppy Barney, a little Scottish Terrier.

Shrub reviewed Putin saying: “You call that a puppy?”

After a year, he went to visit Putin at his dacha outside Moscow. As Bush described in his journal, “Choice Point,” “A major dark Labrador [Koni] came charging over the garden. With a twinkle in his eye, Vladimir stated, ‘Greater, more grounded, quicker than Barney.’ ”

Shrub composed that he’d recounted the story to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who answered: “You’re fortunate he just demonstrated to you his puppy.”


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